Privacy Fence Maple GroveInstalling privacy fences is a specialty of ours. Arrow Fence Co, a Maple Grove Professional Fence Company, enjoys transforming properties. Privacy fences come in many style, the most popular privacy fences we install are Cedar, Wood, Vinyl and we can even make chain link fences private. Our 50 plus years has allowed us to become masters at customization.  From custom gates, rails, materials and designs – our work truly stands out. Whether you are looking for something unique or affordable, our passionate team can help all along the way.

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Figuring your Privacy Fence Costs

There are a few main factors that determine the specific cost of a privacy fence. These points can be manipulated to ensure prices stay within your specific budget. Our experienced fence company can help you ensure you are happy with your new privacy fence AND the price!

  • Fence Diameter – This is a biggy… The more area planning on fencing in, the more it will cost. Due to the need for both more material and labor. Not everyone fences in their entire yard for exactly that reason. Fencing is really about quality over quantity because of how long you are expecting this addition to last and look good too.
  • Height – There are many reasons to add a privacy fence. Privacy fence heights are usually 3 feet, 6 feet & 8 feet. That being said, a cedar 3 foot privacy fence is going to cost a lot less than a cedar 8 foot fence. Be sure to check your own city codes before having your heart set on a specific height.
  • Vinyl Privacy Fence Maple Grove MNMaterials – The two most popular privacy fence material are wood and vinyl. Commonly the vinyl option will cost a bit more than if you were to go with wood. Our fence contractors are very specific on the materials we use when fencing. Without that kind of quality our 5 year warranty would run us out of business. But instead, we are thriving because we have had years to work with a multitude of different fencing products and have narrowed our selection down to only the very best for this harsh climate state.
  • Gates – What is a fence without the gates! It is important to consider how many gates, the size of the gate and the purpose for the gates. If you are ever going to pull you big rig to the backyard in the future, you are going to have to account for that now. Clearly determine which gates are going to be walk throughs and/or drive throughs. You will be happy you did a few summers from now.

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