Tips For Finding Property Lines

Some people have trouble finding their property lines. This can be especially true if you do not have stakes currently marking the boundaries of your property or you do not have a survey of the property. So, first thing first. The easiest way, and also the most expensive, to determine property lines is to hire a professional surveyor to measure and stake the boundaries of your property.

If you do have a survey, but there are no stakes marking the boundaries, you can use the survey to stake the property lines yourself. Use landmarks shown on the survey to start measuring the property lines and once you have the first stake in place, everything else should be easier. Your property survey will tell you precisely the dimensions of each boundary. Without a survey, you can also check the property deed, which will have a description of property boundaries and measurements.

If a survey has been done, and you are sure you have seen markers, but can’t find them, they might be underground. Try using a metal detector as property stakes are always (or should be) metal poles.

Using one of the above methods will help you determine your property lines. If you have more questions, or are having difficulty with this process, contact your county’s recorder or assessor office.

And remember, before you do any digging, call Gopher State One at 811 to determine the location of any underground power lines.

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