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Are you looking for a little more seclusion around your home? You may be looking to shield your larger picture windows. Keep your children or pets safely in your yard. Or you may just be looking for a bit more peace. Privacy fences are the way to go to achieve some extra safety and solitude. Many factors will affect your decision. Our fence contractors near Ham Lake MN can recommend what to take into consideration when choosing the perfect privacy fence for your home. Read more on Tips for Adding a Privacy Fence.

What to consider when adding a privacy fence to your home?

Fence Installation for Privacy and Security | Ham Lake MN

Amount of privacy

Many varieties of fencing exist, but when choosing a privacy fence specifically, height is a concern. Privacy fences become such when they are measured at no less than 4 feet high. Growth from there depends on your preference, but those 4 feet will offer you that barrier to the outside world for adequate privacy.

Another thing to mull over is if you want any part of your fence to offer some intricate detail that may let a bit more light in as well as add some design charm. Latticework at the top of your fence provides a perfect example of the aesthetics you can use to give your fence and landscape some character. Typically, the first four feet or so of the fence could be closed off from any exposure end-to-end. The top one or two more feet could allow for intricate woven designs that allow some gaps in for an artistic style and feel while keeping your privacy as you would like it.

Type of Material

Qualifying privacy fences tend to not have holes or gaps, as would be standard with barbed wire or picket fences. Wood and vinyl make adequate privacy fences due to the ability to fuse or align panels together for a solid barrier. A variety of wood, stains, and designs can be used to create the motif you are looking for while protecting your property from on-lookers. Vinyl can also be placed with a clean, streamlined look that adds both architectural value and privacy at the same time.

Privacy Fence Installation Contractor Ham Lake

Our Ham Lake Fence Installation Professionals can help you with your fencing needs. Our local fencing professionals will help you pick the proper privacy fence to fit your vision and your budget. With the right privacy fence, you can enjoy the stunning seclusion your residence needs.