Fence Repair vs Fence Replacement

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How to decide if you need a Fence Upgrade?

It can be tough to decide if your current fence needs to be repaired or if you could use an overall replacement. Has it been damaged? Has there been recurring damage? Is it simply not getting your privacy needs met? These are all questions you may be asking. Fortunately for you, our experienced Fence Installation Contractors can guide you through the process of deciding if you need a quick fix or a better solution.

Fence Repair

Minimal damage to your otherwise working privacy fence will mean that fence repair is doable. Depending on the materials your fence consists of, whether wood, metal, vinyl or some other construct, your fence does have a lifespan. Some can last 10 years, others over 20. If your fence is still relatively young, you may be able to have it repaired. Keep in mind that repairing your fence for a quick fix may mean that you will have to do another repair or replacement down the road. Depending on how often you repair your fence, it may be more costly in the long run.

Fence Removal & Fence Replacement

A couple reasons for a privacy fence replacement may include when you have accident damage, or long–term wear and tear that is not repairable. Installing a new fence altogether will provide you with the chance to discover different options of materials to use or designs to add and let you assess if your previous fence had all of the qualities you were looking for when you first decided on it.

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Another good reason for fence replacement is if your tastes have changed since you decided to have the original fence installed. A bonus to replacing your fence is that it helps take care of any structural issues with the shifting ground beneath it. Our fence installation professionals will determine the best installation route for your conditions.

Our experienced contractors are taking into account the big picture regarding your fencing preferences. We can advise you whether your fence requires replacement or if a repair will suffice for your situation. Fence replacement is the best option to satisfy your reasons for a privacy fence in most cases. The benefits of fence installation for your privacy fence will offer you the long-term, low-maintenance security you seek.