Vinyl Fence Company Andover MNArrow Fence is a Minnesota Custom Fence Company in Andover. Our skilled crew installs fences all shapes and sizes. From Maintenance Free Vinyl and Ornamental Fences to Decorative Wood Fences, and even Chain Link fences too. With over 50 years of Fence Installation experience, we have the skill to transform your fenceless yard into a beautiful oasis. No matter what the object is, our team will make your new addition fit seamlessly.

Why are you looking for a new fence addition? Here are many reasons customers have hired our fence company throughout the years:

Fence for Protection | Custom Fence Company Andover MN

  • Cars – Practically everyone owns a car, and if they don’t, they take an uber. With how many vehicles are on the road, chances of accidents are quite high. And if you live near a street, you might be looking for added protection. Our fence installation team can help you find the perfect fence to ease your mind.
  • Animals – Whether you are looking to keep your beloved animal family members safe near your home, keep the predators at bay, or both. Our fences are always tailored to your needs. There are wolves, coyotes, and even deer looking for a snack that you may not be wanting to provide. A new fence installed will take your yard off their dinner menu.
  • Strangers – If there are a lot of people cutting through your yard, teenagers just being kids or any other type of instance that has made you want to stop easy access to your property, a fence is where it is at. The higher it is, the less chance there is that they will want to climb it. Ask us about our gated access control options too!

Fence for Decoration | Custom Fence Company Andover MN

  • Raise Property Value – If you are looking to add some value to your home, without needing to disrupt your daily life, a fence addition may be an option that you would like. Our licensed, insured and professional team always arrive on time and give you a free estimate, so there is no pressure to buy.
  • Attract a Buyer – Is your home just not selling? Does it have a small yard by the highway? Or maybe a not such an appealing view? A fence can add that extra touch that may just make a buyer make an offer that you would like.

Fence for Privacy | Custom Fence Company Andover MN

  • Noisy Neighbors – It can seem nearly impossible to get away from noisy neighbors, you need something to block the sound… A privacy fence will surely drown some of the noise that keeps you up at night.
  • High Traffic – Would you rather not hear the vehicles wiz past? Or see them speed down the street? Arrow Fence can help with that! Hiring a professional to install a fence for this exact reason will ensure you get the best selection that will last more than just one season.
  • Ugly Views – There is plenty that can go wrong with the surrounding area, and if you don’t own the land, you are up a creek with out a paddle. Installing a beautiful fence will fix your view, and add some landscaping and some plants, that will help too!

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