Safety, protection and security are yours with a new chain link fence. Small children and pets are safe in the confines of their own yard, away from the traffic of the streets. A chain link installation protects your property from stray animals, trespassers and unwanted guests, while providing security in a neighborly way, but without that “closed in” feeling.

A sturdy chain link begins with a galvanized framework and with a quality “fabric,” continuously woven and galvanized (zinc coated) for long life. Line posts are tubular 1 5/8” o.d. with  1 3/8” o.d. (outside diameter) top rail.  Gates of many sizes are custom made to match in material and design.

Chain Link Fence Types

Chain link fences are also available black, brown and green in a vinyl coated fabric. Heights of 3’, 42”, 4’, 5’ and 6’ are generally available for residential use, but local codes will dictate  existing restrictions in your community. Colorful slats, in a variety of shades, are available both during installation or any time later. Slats increase the level of privacy of chain link fences, but be sure to determine that the framework will support the added wind load that they create. If slats are an anticipated addition, you should consider heavier framework during installation.

Chan link fences pay for themselves in added privacy, protection and piece of mind. they provide countless years of little or no maintenance and can prove to be one of the best investments you can make in your home.

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